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Telling Stories

I'm a story teller. Not in the conventional sense with words, but with a subject and a background, through my camera lens. Growing up and living in New York City, I learned we all have stories to tell. Editorial photography has given me the strength to break barriers and stereotypes along with the courage to go out into the world, connect with my fellow humans and tell their stories.


My Approach

Simple...to represent you and your story as purely and honestly as possible. In one photograph, with one background, in your most comfortable environment. To connect with you and to tell your story through my camera lens.


What to Expect

When you hire me, you will not only get a photographer to take your picture, but one who will listen and hear what you say. I will ask about you, about your life, what your interests are and most importantly, what story you want me to help you tell. Whether it's a story that captures a moment or experience in your life or a summary of who you are, I genuinely care and will translate your story at that time into a beautiful photograph. 

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